Varna City Park - Gated residential complex

The philosophy in the project VARNA CITY PARK with Chief Architect Svetoslav Stanislavov, is the concept of man and his personal space. Eight separate blocks are composed with optimal sizes perceived in the space more like small boutique buildings in a general architectural ensemble. This allows each of the residential units to have its private parking and garden space, infused in a common garden for the whole complex.
The location and distinctiveness of the area - the complex is located in the enlarged center of Varna with location near to the Republic Blvd., separated of it by a green area, looking to the Gallery mall, close to shopping center "Varna Towers" and in 200 meters from the main Vladislav Varnenchik Blvd.

The complex consists of buildings with high quality design and functionality, situated in an environment with abundant greenery, good communications and comfort of living.
The property is separated to the southeast with large-sized plants.
Local lane at the external borders is envisaged to serve all of the planned parking areas and residential units, and this will reduce the noise and increase the comfort of living in the complex.

The planned rise to the complex - 6 floors plus terrace, with a terraced floor are the most spacious homes. Achieved total built area is 27,590 sq. m, which is 50% of the possible in urban planning, in order to provide space for landscaping and recreation.
There is a central courtyard and landscaped greenery with playgrounds, pools, recreations. The service areas of the complex are situated near the entrance, which reduces the risk of overcrowding the complex with external visitors and provides better comfort of life.

Orthogonal shape and placement of the buildings is in harmony with the surrounding buildings and despite the modern look and design fits into the context without intruding. Seemingly "random" withdrawal volume moves from the general monotony of repetitive floors and creates a unique image of the building from a different perspective angles. There has been fresh and elegant design with the rounded edges of the volumes and white buildings, with particular materials available and easy to implement forms. Softening volumes in contact zones with other buildings creates light and cozy space without unnecessary aggression, suitable for living environment. The white color absorbs light and creates an optical illusion of larger spaces between the buildings.

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Elena Dimitrova
project manager
Mall Varna
Varna BG, 9009
186 "Vl.Varnenchik" blvd, 3th floor
tel.: 052/687 678
fax: 052/630 730
GSM: 088 729 22 33