Eco Vegetables

The Beginning: In 1995, after beeng a guarantor of a loan, “Interservice Uzunovi”PLC  became an owner of a greenhouse complex with 100 dca in town of Silistra. Although a little unexpected, we took the challenge and registered our new company "EcoVegetables” Ltd. This was the beginning of developing our new initiative.

Today the result is:
- Two greenhouses with glass-steel structures with a total area of 60,000 sq m;
- Four plastic greenhouses with total area of 1800 sq.m;
- Modern irrigation and heating systems and support systems necessary microclimate;
- Two own refrigerated trucks;
- Well-known consumer quality and clean production;
- Member of the Bulgarian Greenhouse Association /BGA/.
We achieved all this by:
-Using only the best seeds and seedlings from the Netherlands and Bulgaria;
- Fertilizing solely with organic fertilizers;
- Using “bombos” bees for pollination

The Future: Our ultimate goal has not changed – to establish a sustainable market presence of our clean and high quality production.

Contact details:
Main office:
9000 Varna, 186 Vladislav Varnenchik Blvd, floor 3
Director: 0888/802-929
Fax: 052/630-730
Sales department: Mobile 0888/666-712
Greenhouse complex Silistra
Manager production: Mobile 0888/986079
Tel/fax: 086/820979;
Tel. 086/820-980