Mall Varna

Varna is the biggest city and resort center on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast and ranks second in terms of economic activity and income per capita. The harbor and the international airport, which service regular and charter destinations to more than 101 cities in 35 countries around the world, support the development of tourism, industry, commerce and communications in the entire region.
Mall Varna is located on the junction of blvd. Vladislav Varnenchik and blvd. Hristo Smirnenski, within minutes of 350,000 customers. The junction is a major traffic intersection between the main boulevards leading to the Varna Airport and city center and the Varna ring road. The location ensures excellent accessibility by public transport and car and by pedestrians.

Varna district has a total population of 489 809. The population of the city alone is 346 000 inhabitants while there are 2 milion tourists who visit the city annually.

Careful consideration has been given to the merchandise mix on each floor of the Mall in order to create excellent environment for shopping and entertainment.
The ground floor has a mixture of impulse shopping as well as well-known fashion anchor stores. This level also features higher-end fashion, beauty products and accessories.
Good quality fashion retailers and brands for younger customers dominates the first floor. The second floor focuses on family fashion, larger shoe shop and a sports store. A large, branded electronic equipment store as well as spa and wellness center provides a powerful attraction. The first cinema complex in Varna and a very unique food court district are grouped together with a spacious children zone. The top floor is focused on entertainment and comprises of sports bar and cafes, bowling center and nightclub and bars.

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